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Jamie Forsyth
Pipe Bands WA Secretary
For all PipeBands WA correspondance, information or inquiries, telephone Jamie on 0414 691 300, write to PO Box 455
Hamilton Hill WA 6963, or email secretary@pipebandswa.com.au

James Cowie
Pipe Bands WA Chair
James can be contacted on 9378 6611 or email chairman@pipebandswa.com.au

Peter Fallon
Pipe Bands WA Treasurer
Peter can be contacted on treasurer@pipebandswa.com.au

Malcolm MacLean
Pipe Bands WA Vice Chair Communications
Malcolm can be contacted at communications@pipebandswa.com.au

Julia Christensen
Pipe Bands WA Events and eNews
Julia can be contacted at events@pipebandswa.com.au

Lachie Reid
Pipe Bands WA VP of Piping
Lachie can be contacted on 08 9731 7113 or lachier@westnet.com.au

EJ Brown
Pipe Bands WA VP of Drumming
EJ can be contacted at drumhead84@hotmail.com





Raylee Riley Pipe Bands Australia
For band transfers and player registrations, telephone Raylee on 95940629 or email registrar@pipebands.asn.au

Chris Earl
President Pipe Bands Australia
Email president@pipebands.asn.au

Steve Patterson
Secretary Pipe Bands Australia
Email secretary@pipebands.asn.au