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Rules and Administration Blog May 2014

Bands should have received their Pipe Bands Australia registration renewals.

Please note that this time the fees are NOT rounded to the nearest dollar.

Please ensure all required documents are collected before sending paperwork with payment

[] Certificate of Currency or equivalent (i.e. Letter from parent body stating your band is covered under their policy) showing $20 million Public Liability Cover.

[] Band Details – Make corrections if required and sign

[] List of Players – Make corrections if required and sign

[] Application for Registration/Membership Forms for players new to your band and Clearance Forms for members you wish to remove from obligation to your band.

[] Payment – Cheque, Counter Receipt or EFT receipt


Band Registration to 30/06/year                                                $000.00

Players Registration [_(a)_] at $00.00 per player                 ______ .00
[Minimum of 7 members required for Band Registration]
[Include Tutor registration in number of registered players - Rule A.3.06]
Players Transfer [_(b)_] at $00.00 per player                        ______ .00
                      ______ .00

(a) This is the total number of players to be registered with your band. This includes “Registered Tutors” and players transferring into your band.

The minimum requirement is 7 players (excluding Registered Tutors)

(b) This is an ADDITIONAL fee for players that are deemed as transferring into your band under PBA guidelines. These players must also be included in part (a)

If you are unsure of a player’s current status please contact the registrar registrar@pipebands.asn.au



Obligated Players – These are players (or members) that have not had their registrations renewed but are still connected to a band. The only way to remove a player from obligation to a band is by a Clearance.

Registered Players – Players (or members) that have had or have paid their own annual registration fee for the ensuing registration (or part thereof) period.

Raylee Riley
Vice Principal Rules and Administration (WA)




Rules and Administration Blog December 2013

On Friday, 6th December 2013, nine people attended a workshop aimed at teaching members how to be a Pipe Band Contest Recorder.

There was an excellent cross section of members and bands represented, namely, June Corcoran and Tom Beggan from City of Cockburn, Dale Smith, Bev Hunter and Kirstin Perry from North Metro, Tom and Sue McNaughtan from Kalamunda, Andrew Head from Perth Metro, and Donna Farrell from Coastals.

The workshop was held at Mater Dei College in Edgewater with excellent classroom facilities. Thank you to Len Perry Pipe Major North Metro Pipe Band for making the venue available for the workshop. Thank you also to Mr Dave Whitmarsh for his assistance.

This workshop will be conducted again at 13 San Sebastian Boulevard Port Kennedy on Saturday, 15th February 2014.

I would like to have more members consider sitting R & A Certificates. This will allow for another person to take on the V P role sooner rather than later.
The R & A section of the college needs to follow the current trend of involving younger members.

Raylee Riley
Vice Principal Rules and Administration (WA)


Rules and Administration Blog July 2013

As the AGM draws near the R & A section is looking for volunteers to do jobs that are vital to the successful running of the Branch and its Contests. Most of these appointed positions do not require anything more than a willingness to help. Jobs such as:

  • Trophy Monitor
  • Safety Officer
  • Catering Officer

These jobs do require time outside the Contest day and require little training.
On the day of a Contest, volunteers are needed to set up and pull down the Contest arena, also Marshall the bands or players.

A number of other jobs require some training

  • Recorders
  • First Aid Officers

These positions require a larger amount of training. There are qualifications that are offered by the APBA should you wish to take your assistance further.
The jobs that need to be filled are suited to anyone that just wants to help. Spouses, parents, grandparents, partners of players who are going to be there anyway and want something to do while the contest is in progress. A musical background, while of assistance, is not a requirement to help.
The more trained volunteers we have, the less work all round.

There are also positions within the Branch that require more time and skills. These are more suited towards players or ex players, not exclusively, just more suited. These include gaining qualifications in sections of the Australian Pipe Band College.

  • Adjudicators - this requires the Advanced Certificate from the APBC (or qualification recognised by the APBC in Piping, Drumming and Dress and Drill
  • Contest Supervisor - this requires the Advanced Certificate in Rules and Administration from the APBC.
  • Secretary - Computer skills, attendances at meetings, communication skills and other assorted requirements are needed for this position.

At any contest the minimum requirement of staff is six. this does not include the equipment officer and other behind the scenes helpers.

If you wish to help, and or be trained in any field, then please contact any member of the Branch in the area in which you wish to help, or if you are unsure, please contact me via apba_wa_branch@yahoo.com.au and I will help set you in the right direction.

Raylee Riley

Vice Principal Rules and Administration.